Important tips to crack the NDA competitive examination

NDA being the most sought after career among today’s youngsters asks for a clear vision towards applying right techniques and tricks that let the applicant in achieving great success in the endeavor. The way to this glorious and much respected field passes through a competitive exam that lets the individual show off his caliber in enthralling the most challenging career opportunity. Since this competitive exam is a little tricky, you can take the help of some important tips while preparing for the NDA competitive exam.

Here are some important tips:

  • Try to solve previous year question papers: If you are quite serious about clearing the NDA competitive exam, then solving previous years question papers will be of great use for you. By solving such papers, you come across the styling idea of the paper and catch up with your solving speed to let you know your shortcomings.
  • Follow the shortcut tricks in mathematics: Of course, the mathematics exam is tricky and it requires you to access all those short tricks that will help you in cracking the exam in no time. This will lead to quick solution in your hand without wasting the time and marks.
  • Proper allocation of time: Undoubtedly, it is the most important part that should not be avoided while pursuing any serious career related activity. You must learn to manage your time while attempting the exam. Try to solve easy questions first and don’t waste time on those which you find hard nut to crack.
  • Remember about the negative marking system: Don’t forget that the NDA competitive exam carries the negative marking system with the MCQ part. Thus, avoid mere guessing the answers to the questions and be serious while attempting them.
  • Thorough work on space management: Well, this trick is equally important as space provided in the exam for rough work is quite limited. Thus, while attempting mathematics problems, you need to be exceptionally smart to use the space accordingly and appropriately.

Building a good career in NDA is dependable on your performance done in the written examination. The above tips can be of great help in your career stream.

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