IMU CET- the route to enter into the Merchant Navy

For some individuals, being stuck in an office five days for each week, fifty weeks for each year, is insufferable. They need a vocation where they can enhance their aptitudes and really accomplish something fascinating and energizing. I had this predicament once, and found the response to every one of my issues with a profession in the trader naval force. You get bunches of time off, superb pay, the work is fascinating, and you get the chance to venture to the far corners of the planet.

On the off chance that your composed application is fruitful, you will be reached by means of post and welcomed to a meeting. Here you are probably going to be flame broiled by ex-chiefs, genuine old ocean puppies who know their stuff and know precisely what sort of individual is probably going to prevail in the occupation. Before setting off to this meeting you ought to do a considerable measure of foundation research and arrangement. You ought to guarantee that you have an unpleasant thought of what life on board a ship will resemble, and what sort of preparing you will get and the hardware you will be relied upon to utilize. In the event that you can persuade the questioners that you have practical desires of what life will resemble adrift, and can depict yourself as somebody who they would notworry burning through 3 months on a ship with, at that point you are probably going to pass this stage, and they will give their proposal to the organization.

In the event that this goes easily, congrats, you have secured your sponsorship. You will know have school paid for so you can contemplate for a long time to get the greater part of the fundamental capabilities. There are diverse various types of positions in Merchant naval force, for example,

Deck Officer: The Deck Officer has aptitudes in all parts of the Navigation of boats, payload dealing with operations and capacity, deliver security, send moving and transport administration.

Commander: Also known as the ace, this individual is accountable for the ship and is completely in charge of the whole group (not only the deck officers).

Boss Officer: This is the principal mate position. The central officer is accountable for the deck group, and furthermore keeps up the payload hold and supplies.

IMU CET – Indian Maritime University (IMU) conducts IMUCET exam (Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test). It is a computer based exam taken at multiple centers all over the country.

IMU is a Central University that was built up by (Government of INDIA) an Act of the Indian Parliament to be specific the Indian Maritime University Act 2008, on 14 November 2008. It is the main college in the nation conferring quality instruction in the sea field.


IMU-CET is regular online selection test conducted by the Indian Maritime University to allow the aspiring candidates the admission into various Marine courses.


  1. Recognition in Nautical Science (DNS) prompting B.Sc. Nautical Science (or) Applied Nautical Science (or) Deck Cadet Course.


  1. Recognition in Nautical Science (DNS) prompting B.Sc. (Connected Nautical Science).
  2. B. Tech /B.E (Marine Engineering)
  3. B. Tech (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering).
  4. B. Sc (Ship Building and Repair).
  5. B. Sc (Maritime Science).
  6. B. Sc (Nautical Science).

All in all, the places of the specialist officers take after an indistinguishable spill out of the deck officers, with a central architect, a moment officer, et cetera down to the designer officer learner or understudy. This group is in charge of the greater part of the electrical and mechanical happenings on the ship.

When you have concluded that you need a profession in the shipper naval force, you need to discover preparing, and IMU CET coaching classes to support you. This is moderately simple to deal with; you should simply look online for delivery organizations that prepare cadets.

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