8 Simple Ways to Prepare for Current Affairs In UPSC Civil Services IAS Exam

One subject that has featured regularly in most aspirants was Current Affairs. While students try their hardest to respond individually to current problems, the amount of mail about current affairs never decreased. Here’s a thorough blog post about it which would have been ideal for you to peruse and clarify your doubts.

Now, there is no way of preparing for such an exam the best route. The rest of the comment only represents learning and you will have to pick to select what you believe is right about what you’re sure of. For example, you may meticulously read the local paper, but you will never make some hand-written notes from that because you might just feel that it was a massive waste of valuable time.

Now any candidate who aspires to become an IAS and IPS Officer or wishes to prepare for it or prepare for either the UPSC Civil Service Test will understand the importance of current affairs or how much weighting is given throughout the prelims or mains exam for current affairs.

So, here are some easy ways to cook to UPSC Current Civil Service Problems IAS Exam.

  1. Make it a habit of reading newspaper daily -IAS Aspirants may choose their approach whether by reading newspapers on their own or their CNA frequently and therefore should ensure that they do not miss on any global issues that regularly hit news including political and economic problems, environmental disasters or projects, new scientific and technological advances, etc.
  1. Do not choose to read so many newspapers – Two and three major papers or their Comprehensive News Analysis (CNA), which would be categorized into four articles GS Paper I, GS Paper II, GS Paper III & GS Paper IV, more divided through different categories including subjects covered by these journals, our CNA often covers major editorials including PIB articles for UPSC Current events.
  1. Follow changes in ministries other organizations including the finance ministry, RBI and many others (covered in the segment on PIB).
  1. Make the current affairs notes in our own –Concerning our CNA, applicants can apply current affairs notes throughout chronological order of which they may refer to our Monthly or Weekly News Analytics. For example, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has commonly been at the news to launch Polar Space Launch Vehicle, keep a close eye on such headlines that often makes the newspaper. Know nanosatellites; understand the basics for satellites, ISRO, chart of satellites that ISRO has launched so far, etc.
  1. Any issues about geography including international affairs – Prepare the position and keep a chart aside. As, it will also help you to understand and evaluate the neighboring countries ‘ problems and also to get a full picture of the person’s local political, geographical and societal issues.
  1. Don’t try mugging up – Based on a subject to UPSC Syllabus practice, there are still some areas to also be mugged but you do not apply the very same mug-up method while practicing for UPSC Exam’s Current events section. It is, therefore, best to recall the dates by aligning it with certain things and also to consider the entity or country linked to it.
  1. Compete the Comprehensive News Assessment with IAS Current Affairs to make sure that you will have contained all the major problems for the exam.
  1. Final pace Is to provide an idea which kind of questions could be asked from the current affairs section and also get a fair understanding of this attempt to solve current events quiz every day or week basis and applicants can now end up taking Weekly GK & Current Affairs Questionnaire on our site.

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