Motivation and Topper’s Strategy – UPSC Insights Prelims

Now, in order to deal with this process, one has to be quite pragmatic and cool at the very same time. That is the enormous process of self-doubt, uncertainty, disorder, anxiety. If you think now is the time–shouldn’t I give the test. Do I need to’ save’ the particular try? Yes, a lot of people do feel the very same. Why are they? This is because Prelims offers you the impression of being unpredictable. Then you worry that you don’t know anything. Clearly every issue, every article looks a little distant. Each revision is at a standstill.

Hang up. This is the secret. Once at a period. The self-belief-the golden principle of Gautam Buddha-Midway though between-confidence or hyper-anxiety;

Broad suggestions from topper’s hand:

  1. Do not hesitate throughout the questions you understand the term for.


For Preliminaries, it is the most significant single fact. These would be questions of the nature of the decider. It is because of this that the bulk of prelims loss occurs.

You have to reduce (preferably eliminate) the sort of effort you understood the fundamental concept in, but you made the mistake, commonly known as dumb mistakes.


  1. Respond to any queries–Do so until you’re comfortable where the basic senses are active.

Now, you can have many questions like––Will I prepare on exam early hours?

Shouldn’t I have 2-3 days to sleep?

Do I have something fresh to study?

Must I talk to friends, as learning alone causes tension? E.g.

To that, there may be no perfect answer. The reaction depends on the mind of the acolyte.

However, there is a growing way of finding a response. Tell yourself, while doing this operation, will I be able to maintain my commonsense intact?’. Therein lies that answer

So, e.g. Do I need to prepare on the examination morning? Yes, if learning will add quality to your base of knowledge or help your better recognize things … Yes, when you’re already in stress and to see books would make you more nervous … it’s okay not to peruse throughout this case.

Some specific pointers till the exam:

The test is over at any point before

  1. Trust mine words, you have done enough yet to compensate for the portion of the success of information and a calm positive mind brings the part of the success to a rest.
  2. Relative test–Note it is always a relative exam and that everybody gets the impression I’m missing something, I couldn’t plan well… Tell yourself EVERYTHING IS WELL, but…
  3. Don’t overstate anything at all.
  4. Remain healthy, sleep well and stay clean.

Before exam

  1. Live Instant
  2. Attempt to follow the pattern of exam day during the days ahead.
  3. No risk by being careful and taking time now and see the test center.
  4. Try to meet only positivity people over the last 1-2 days until the test.
  5. Take better sleep prior to the day of the test.
  6. On the day of the prelims, decide before time what and how to revise.
  7. Make the checklist for everything you need to hold out on the examination day.
  8. Speaking to your near optimistic family or friends of 10-15 minutes once maybe twice per day, until prelims day can be effective in reducing the exam stress.

During the exam

  1. Join the examination room without getting any brain luggage/pre considered feelings like I’m going to rock the show in either specific section e.g. Umbrella
  2. No Specific Regulations
  3. You can try another method in which you make mistakes in labeling OMR, which choice marked in different issues.
  4. Out of your end take precautions but take your mind ready for either the unexpected situations. Broken chairs, cramped classroom, overly hot and day unworkable fan, poor examiner etc. 5. Double test the seating arrangement then match the number printed on a table to your roll amount.

After exam

  1. Around 11.30 Am until 2.30 PM, stop having your GS paper during Prelims day and prepare for the CSAT test.

The concepts above will allow you to understand your exact training status, and can really help steer your training for another prelims. Specific UPSC articles are no substitute.

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