Five Tips on Time Management to Help You Crack IAS

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is a very tough exam in India and it is conducted by Union Public Service Commission for the requirement of the officer’s post. To crack this exam time management is very necessary and you can use some tips mentioned here below in points. If you follow them accordingly, you will surely succeed in the exam.

  1. Make a master schedule for study 

Firstly, when you are preparing for IAS it very important to set up your mind, and have the complete focus to achieve the goal. For achieving this goal you have to prepare a 24 hourly work planner for the entire day. Few of the important work planning ideas are:

  • Which time you will wake up early in the morning?
  • Which topics to study in the morning; evening & night?
  • How much time you will give for current affairs?
  • How much time you will give for General Awareness?
  • How much time you will take rest during the study?
  • Taking at least 6-7 hours of sleep.

For making this schedule you’ll have to go through the proper syllabus and give equal time to each subject. While preparing, you must make wise prioritization. After making a master schedule it is also important to follow properly and at the end of the day. This is also focused that how many topics you cover on the full-day study and no one topic has been left as per your master schedule. For preparing IAS exam, it is very important to improve some habits which are mentioned below:

  • Get up early in the morning and read newspapers.
  • Study in a smart way rather than the hard way
  • Think positive & confidently
  • Be organized
  1. Prepare study notes

When you are doing the study it is very important to make notes daily. You can look for different authors’ books, newspapers, news, and many other external sources. These notes will help you with revision as the exams draws near because by these notes you will mention the entire important person names i.e. “who-is-who” & all notes prepared as per the trick which is helpful for revision.

  1. Give break

During the study time break is very important. If you are taking a break for some time during the study you will feel refreshed. This will also will increase your happiness, help you to focus and improve your study performance. It will also improve your brain-boosting power.

When you are making a plan for the study you can take out a holiday time to rest. On this day you can go to your home, friend’s home or, grandfather’s home, and have a little bit of fun time.

  1. Do revision

Revision is a very important part of the study if you are properly given some time for revision you might feel stress-free at the time of the examination. After a full day study, you have to give some time in the day for revising on each subject. So revision topics should also be mentioned on the master schedule. This revision session helps you to find out the learning status that whatever you are learning in your full-day and how much is in your mind.

  1. Remove non-essential tasks

When you are studying for the IAS exam, it is very important to remove the non-essential task from your schedule. If your mind compels you to think about those works, you have to bind up your mind on some positive work.

The non-essential task list is mentioned here:

– Don’t use social media activities

– Don’t waste your time chatting with friends

The Bottom Line

Time management is a very important skill to crack the exam and if you are executing it properly, it will make you feel stress-free at the time of the exam. It will also help you to improve your learning opportunities and keep on focus, which leads to an increase the level of your career success.

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