Tricks to take you one step ahead in SSC CGL preparation!

SSC CGL exam or the high rapport Staff Selection Commission is a pan India conducted entrance that recruits staff to ministries, departments and organizations of the Indian Government for various Group A and B posts. So in order to crack the exam, one requires a combination of a proper strategy and practice of solving the 200 marks paper. As the exam is conducted in two level tiers of Group 1 and Group 2, there is a customized scheme of solving each of the two.

SSC- CGL exam in detail:

The first tier of the exam consists of Paper 1 divided into General Intelligence, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude and English Language. The time that is allotted to solve the full paper is 60 minutes. However, what is a plus here is that there is no demarcation of time allotted the sections.

General Intelligence and Reasoning:

Traditionally, it has been proved to be one of the most scoring portion of the whole paper. So make sure you get you have done enough of practice before the exams. A minimum of 50 GI questions every day shall be a must to go through the exam. This in the long run will help you in devising an innate ability to solve the problems. Test book Reasoning, and Test book Reasoning Quiz are probably the best book to clear all your concepts in order to prepare for the exam. Topics like that of puzzles, analogy, coding-decoding, figure-pattern questions, etc are some that requires most of your focus. These portions happen to be some of the most scoring part of the paper. Starting from these topics and then slowly moving to other topics will definitely give you positive results while you make your growth graph over a period of two three weeks of time. Further delving into deep of the subject, non-verbal reasoning topics like image assembling and figure counting employ image visualization. Though these kinds of questions appear to be pretty time consuming, in the long run it provides a very good scope of fetching marks. All you can do is practice more and more of this pattern of questions and drop your completion time slow but steady.

N.B. While practicing this set of question paper, it has to be kept in mind that the time has to be restricted to 15- 20 minutes for solving 20 questions with a reasonable amount of accuracy.

  • General Awareness:

It is perhaps the most tricky part of the whole question paper. While students who have had a thorough practice of this portion of the paper will be on the safe side of the game already. Those who will not be prepared enough may find it difficult to cope with this section. No matter what this will definitely give you some nightmare during your preparation days.

To overcome this challenge, you can follow this priority order:


Thus instead of cramming mindlessly to remember dates-events, what will really benefit is making notes and mindmaps to remember facts and figures. Every day a practice of going through 75-80 questions in the corresponding section is highly recommended for the candidate.

The following material types will help you to get almost all that you need to cover to prepare for your exam:

Current Affairs App:

Current affairs apps will subsequently prove to be one of the most effective tool as far the preparation of the GA is concerned. Also, taking monthly and weekly quizzes based on what is read throughout the month is pretty helpful for the students.

Static GK:

These capsules are most important to keep you updated on the different incidents while boosting the general awareness.

  • Quantitative Test:

It is considered to be one of the most difficult portion of the whole paper. However, with regular practice and a organized method of study you can overcome the hurdles easily. To start off this section it is highly recommended to follow a priority order of percentage, profit-loss, ratio-proportion, age problems, speed-distance-time, boat-stream, data interpretation etc.

Some of the best kind of material that can aid to your clear understanding of the problems are as follows:

  • Testbook Quant
  • Testbook Quant Quiz
  • Math Shortcut Tricks
  • Daily Mock Test

The best practice is that if you organize your daily time table such that you devote 2 hours of your study time practicing questions from this section.

  • English language Aptitude:

Vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension are the three key aspects that you cannot simply miss out while you prepare for the English aptitude of the exam.

As the pattern of the questions are often seen to be repeated, a thorough and schematic approach towards preparation can make you complete the section within 25 minutes of time.

Amongst all these tricks, what needs to be kept in mind is a very close watch on the overall growth in accuracy with time.

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