Tips to prepare for Indian Navy SSR exam

Seeing the growing competition in the competitive exams will bring focus on the hard work and dedication needed from an aspirant’s point of view. An aspirant applying for Indian Navy SSR exam must be focused and target oriented towards clearing the written examination following the medical and personal interview test. To be a part of the most challenging stream of Indian Navy, it becomes imperative for the applicants to put in their 100% into the preparation module.

Indian Navy SSR exam

Indian Navy brings out the lucrative career opportunity for the dedicated aspirants of the Nation in the form of SSR (Senior Secondary Recruits) job profiles. Under this, aspirants are tested on the basis of written examination; a medical test and a personal interview to get an appointment in the most prestigious stream i.e. Indian Navy.

While preparing for the competitive exams like Indian Navy SSR exam, applicants may get confused as to what to prepare, how to prepare, etc. For assistance, here below are mentioned some of the useful tips that can be applied for a better preparation phase.

Here are the tips:

Gain knowledge about your exam: This is the very first thing you have to do before beginning with the preparation. You must know about your exam well. You must know about the minimum marks required to clear the exam. In addition, you must figure about the type of exam say, it will be a multiple choice paper or essay type. Alongside, focus on the weight carried by the questions and their worth.

Ask for necessary assistance: Don’t ever feel hesitated if you need assistance during your preparation module. You can easily contact your teachers or mentors of SSR coaching classes and find the helpful support system handy. In case, you are feel little stressed, you can consult and expert.

Get the relevant study material: Of course, a preparation module is incomplete without a thorough study material. You must get the relevant notes for all the subjects concerned with the exam. Go through the course outline and organize all the learning material.

Cross check previous year’s question papers: By following the last year’s question papers can get you an insight about the exam pattern and types of questions asked in the examination. Try to familiarize yourself with the past year’s question papers and try to match them with the current syllabus. This will give you an idea about the commonly asked questions and the answer patterns.

Don’t get confused: On the night before the exam, stick on revising what you have already learnt. Don’t ever try to confuse your mind by picking a new topic. This will only pressurize you and lets you commit mistakes. Learn all your notes and key points only.

Relax and study: Try to maintain your confidence in whatever you have learnt is right. To do so, avoid talking to other students about the exam, just before the exam. This could make you lose your confidence in yourself. Keep your mind cool and concentrate on your exam fully.

Read the question paper thoroughly: Once you get your paper, don’t start writing immediately. Plan your writing time and write the answers accordingly. Read the instructions given in the exam properly and act accordingly.

Practice more to know your actual performance: Before exam, try to practice more and more. This will help you analyze your weak sections and try the remedial actions into your areas of improvement.

Follow the above tips and show up your hard work into your preparation module and you can easily win the exam with great score. Just follow the advices of your mentors and you can easily find a growing career ahead.

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