Normalization in SSC CGL 2017

Staff selection commission conducted CGL exam in 43 shifts from august 5 to august 23 2017. Numbers of students are claiming that the difficulty level of the paper was higher after august 16. In this year total 15, 43,962 candidates appeared across the country. According to SSC the result of tier-1 is expected to release on October 31.

According to a survey the most difficult paper was august 9 2017(shift2) with average marks of 112.64 while the easiest paper was august 23(shift2) with average marks 141.23. So there is a huge difference of 28.59 marks in both shifts.  In CGL, even one mark makes difference in the future of candidates so Raju Kumar, a candidate, has started a campaign on Facebook where other aspirants are sharing their grievances and demanding normalization of scores.  The question raised by the candidates was proved after the answer key was released, it was analyzed that the questions were comparatively difficult for those who appeared in and before August 16 sessions.

Most of the entrance and recruitment exams such as CAT, JEE, IBPS, SBI, Railway recruitment board etc. are held in various shifts and they use normalization of scores.

So let’s understand the normalization process in an easiest way.

S.N. Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Candidate 3 Candidate 4 Candidate 5
Shift-1 85 90 100 95 80
Shift-2 110 115 120 125 130
Shift-3 90 95 100 105 110


As you can see the difference in the marks of candidates in different shifts because of the level of the question papers. So, we will find the MEAN of the first shift and that will be 90 marks. And we will find the MEAN of the second shift and that is 120 marks. So, the difference in the MEAN of shift-1 and shift-2 is 30. If we add 30 marks to the marks of the first shift candidates, the new normalized marks will be (85+30=115), (90+30=120), (100+30=130), (95+30=125) and (80+30=110), Which is now equivalent to shift-2 marks. Hence, shift-1 and shift-2 marks are equal now.

In the same way, we can normalize the marks of the second shift and third shift students. In the second shift, MEAN of the marks is 120, and in the third shift the MEAN of the marks will be 100, so the difference in the MEAN marks is 20, if we add 20 to the marks of shift -3 candidates, we get (90+20=110), (95+20=115), (100+20=120), (105+20=125) and (110+20=130).

Now as you can see, the marks of the shift-2 and shift-3 candidates are equal (normalized). So According to us that is the simplest way to understand the normalization. This method is called MEAN method.

After efforts of Raju Kumar & others who have fallen victim to the faulty examination system by SSC. CAT (Central administrative tribunal) had ordered ssc for necessary instructions regarding normalization or equalizing the score. All the aspirants who were in deep stress, as they did not score well in SSC CGL 2017 Tier I, can now be relaxed. You all will be treated equally and no injustice will be done to any aspirant. So start focusing on SSC CGL Tier II & III. Just 30 days are left for your exam so start studying from now.


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